Saturday, July 28, 2012


#1)  Check my post below for a giveaway!  I've only given away 1 copy of my math All About Me Poster instructions and I'm prepared to give out 2 more.  Just comment on that post & tell me how you would use it in your classroom.

#2)  I want to do a bigger giveaway but I'm going to wait until I hit 50 followers.  I'm so excited that I already have 10 followers after just a few days.  Let's see if I can get to 50 before my students come for orientation on August 23rd...invite all of your friends!

#3)  I was inspired to do a giveaway like this because of a new follower I have!  Kathy at Kathy's Coordinated Class invited me to check out her blog and she's doing a giveaway for a $20 TpT gift card in celebration of reaching 50 followers.  Go follow her blog and enter for a chance to win!

Kathys Coordinated Class

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