Thursday, July 26, 2012


First item of business, you can now follow my blog through email by signing up with Feedburner on the right sidebar.  I think this is the easiest way to follow blogs; it helps me keep track of what I have and haven't read.  If there is something I want to save for future reference, I keep it in my inbox until I have time to Pin It!

 I'm slowing getting the hang of things with my new blog!  In celebration of starting a blog and updating my Teacher's Notebook shop, I'm having a sale beginning now and going through Monday!  I only have 10 items listed at this moment but there will be more posted this weekend.  Consider this a preview of the great things to come!

One of the things you have to check out is my newest item.
I'll be having my math students complete this assignment for the first week of school.  It could be applied to several grade levels as you can require your students to make it more complex by using equations rather than  simple numbers.  I got the idea from Pinterest and made it my own.  The first 3 people to comment and tell me how they'd like to use this in their classroom get this for free!

Start Your Own Shop!

Teacher's Notebook is a great tool for teachers to share and find resources.  I highly recommend starting your own's better than the *other* website where you can sell your own materials because you get 100% of your sales!  You do have to pay a small, one-time set up fee but I made that back in no time!  Plus, you earn reward points!  


  1. I really like the math all about me. I'm a 5th grade teacher and will be teaching two sections of math. This would be a great (and fun!) way to get to know my non home room kids as well!


  2. Thanks, Colleen! I just emailed you your FREE copy of this activity!